Mason Amadeus


I make dumb, fun, and sometimes cool things.

Content Creator

Vermont, USA



Audio Engineering Sound Design Broadcast Engineering Writing Videography Blender 3D 3D & 2D Animation Acting Electronics Streaming

I am a Destination Imagination alum, and I carry the values and skills I learned from that program as the highest inspiration for what I do

My goal is to try and fill the world with as much harmless joy as I can.

For work, I am an audio/broadcast engineer, sound designer, junior RF engineer, producer, copywriter, and On-Air radio talent.

For fun, I am a 2D animator, 3D modeler/rigger/animator, podcast producer, musician, electronics-tinkerer, actor, and general uber-nerd.

I firmly believe in equality, social justice, and kindness. Black lives matter. Trans rights. You are valid.

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Almost all of my content is part of the Scavengers Network

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